Frequently Asked New Kitchen Questions

If you have further questions that are not answered here, just give us a call on (06) 326 8849.

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New Kitchen FAQs

How long has Villa Joinery been in business?
We began trading in 1977.

Who manufactures your kitchens for you?
We have our own factory located in Ashhurst, near Palmerston North.

You keep talking about custom sized kitchens. How do they differ from a modular kitchen?
Modular kitchen suppliers work with set sized cabinets. They do a “best fit” from within their standard range and then use filler panels to fill the gaps. At Villa Joinery we custom design the cabinets to exactly fit your wall space. Custom kitchens tend to look more symmetrical and can be installed to ceiling height.

Doesn’t it cost a lot more for a custom sized kitchen?
Not any more. Ten years ago you either purchased mass produced modules at a low price or paid a cabinet maker to hand build you a custom kitchen. New technology enables us to use computer driven machinery to cut and drill your custom kitchen components. This ensures accuracy while reducing labour costs.

We live quite a distance from your showroom. Can you still help us with a kitchen?

Yes we install kitchens all over the Manawatu as well as out of town areas. We install kitchens in a 2 hour radius from our base in Ashhurst near Palmerston North.

How do your prices compare?
The feedback we get is that we are very competitive given the quality of our product. We will never be as cheap as a company using chip board cabinets and low-quality drawers and hinges. If you are looking for a quality product using MDF and the best in European hardware you will find us very competitive.

What charge is there to have a kitchen design done?
There is no charge for a kitchen design or quote.

Do you offer a full range of the different bench top and cabinet materials?
We have access to all products on the market.

I’ve visited a number of kitchen companies and I’m confused. I keep getting conflicting advice on the best materials to use. Who do I believe?
We hear this all the time. I suggest you have a look at the cabinet and bench top section of our web site. If you have any further questions call in and see us and we will happily discuss what materials are likely to fit your budget and purpose.

How long does it take to have a kitchen installed once I confirm the order?
Our lead time is typically around 3 to 4 weeks. Once we have done a final measure and you have signed off on colours we will agree to an exact date. We always deliver on time.

I'm interested in a new kitchen so what do I do next?
If you are at the stage where you require a kitchen design and quote give us a call to make an appointment. You will need to put aside approximately 90 minutes for this design session. We will need some measurements to work with which can either come from house plans or measurements that you bring with you.

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Any questions or enquiries you may have, feel free to give us a call on (06) 326 8849, use this easy online form, or call into our showroom on Mulgrave Street in Ashhurst.

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